At The Gathering Place, we want to make it easy for you to connect with God and with others. Our church is designed to be an open community, where anyone can take steps to know Christ more and help others do the same.

Become a Member

Being a member at The Gathering Place means becoming a part of a group of people in the body of Christ that are making changes in our city and in our community. You’ll take a life changing journey on our Growth Track that will introduce you to the vision, mission, and culture of TGP. You’ll get to know us, while we get to know you and join in on your journey toward becoming a great servant in the kingdom.

Get Involved

Event Planning team

Our Event Planning team is a fun group who are in charge of all special events both inside and outside of the church.  This team works together to bring to fruition the community vision of our pastors. They ensure that all events are brought to life in an organized way while still maintaining an atmosphere of praise and dedication to Christ.  Our event planners include those who have a gifting in decorating, hospitality, organization, time management, budget control and all other areas that create a fun and inviting “party” experience for our members and the community.

Administrative Assistants team

The administrative assistants team is the central nervous system for The Gathering Place. They are the spine that makes the head turn or the mast that keeps the ship sailing. This team is comprised of dedicated servants who have the heart to help with office duties, organizational assistance, community services, document writing and all other administrative tasks.  An administrative assistant becomes the first smiling face in almost every event/service, assumes authority and responsibility and see’s the project through to completion.  Please join us in keeping our ship sailing smoothly throughout the Kingdom of God.

Hands 2 Heart ministry

As Jesus told Peter in John 21:17, “Do you love me?………Feed my sheep”, we take heed to  and fulfill His request. Hands 2 Heart is an outreach ministry established to alleviate the needs of our surrounding communities. We lovingly provide a fully stocked pantry of fresh produce, canned goods, bread, meats and snacks for all. In addition to filling the hunger needs of our recipients, we also fill the spiritual needs with eager servants who are ready for prayer, counseling and guidance.  This service is completely free and open to both members of the church and everyone who needs assistance.

Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend Women’s Ministry

Psalm 139:13-14- “….fearfully, wonderfully made…”

Pastor Shauna Harrison envisioned a compassionate ministry for all women to feel loved, cared for, empowered and ready for their new life in Christ. This vision has come to be known as the G2G women’s ministry of  The Gathering Place which is open to all women ages 18 and up from the church and the community. Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend holds meetings where issues that women want to talk about and learn more about are brought up. They share food, stories, testimonies and their love for God all while forming lasting relationships with each other. They also go out into the community and evangelize.  This ministry is the umbrella ministry for additional ministries to women such as The Sisterhood, StripChurch Orlando, SuperMoms & Just4Wives.

Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Ministry

“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” (Proverbs 27:17).

The Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Ministry of The Gathering Place is tailored specifically to empower men to draw closer to the heart of God, a task that is often very difficult for men. With periodic “man cave” gatherings and outings, men are encouraged to experience God through fellowship with other brothers who encounter the same struggles daily- struggles to feel respected, maintain self control, and totally submit to the lordship of Christ. We are our brothers keeper.

The Gathering Place Praise & Worship

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24). The Gathering Place Praise and Worship team isn’t for perfect people. The truth is that we all need God more desperately now than we ever have. Yes we sing, pray, and play instruments, but what occurs on Sundays is just a culmination of a daily, moment to moment, dependence on the spirit of God. We aren’t “churchy”, we’re desperate for God’s presence. We are the wounded who are being made whole- the blind who can now see- the backslider whom Jesus is married to. We simply want God.

The Gathering Place – XtremeGeneration Kidz

They are the smallest of us all and require the most attention and great patience. At The Gathering Place, you are able to volunteer with the XtremeGeneration Kidz Ministry where the hug of a baby can lighten your entire day or drop your children off and be secure that they’re safe and learning all about the love of God. This is the place where their relationship with God will bloom.

The Gathering Place – NXG

What’s full of electrifying energy, glad to have graduated from elementary but awaiting high school? The Middle School Ministry of The Gathering Place. Volunteer in these exciting classrooms, participate in fun filled activities or assist with field trips and event planning. Your teen’s life will be forever changed by their encounter with God.


Are you a generous person who enjoys meeting and greeting new people?

Do you appreciate serving others more than being served? If you answered yes to these questions then we are looking for you. This ministry makes life pleasant at TGP & welcomes you with open arms to our wonderful church.

Gate Keepers Ministry:

1 Corinthians 14:40

The “Gate Keepers” are the first point of contact as you arrive on the church grounds.

They will greet you with a smile, as they maintain order in the parking lot, and assist you to your seat for service. The “Gate Keepers” keep watch and are mindful of the surroundings, so that you can freely worship, praise, and indulge in the Word of God. This group of men honor God in committing themselves to keeping the atmosphere focused on the Lord. The “Gate Keepers” stand at the gate, so you and your family can enter into His gates with Thanksgiving at The Gathering Place.


Mathew 18:20

Servolution is the volunteer ministry of The Gathering Place & they are an essential role in the organization and execution of events in and out of the church.

They are mixed culture, but come together as one to fulfill the ministry of servanthood. Volunteers walk in humility, and arise to various challenges. There are many job functions that are needed to be filled in order for events, services, and other ministries to run as smooth as possible. The volunteer ministry is a key component in filling these roles, the vision of the church can be carried out through the evangelism of their willingness to do so.


1 Corinthians 12:11-12

The connect team of The Gathering Place is the main artery that gets you connected to all the church has to offer.

They can be found under the green “Connect Tent” right before you enter into the sanctuary. They have all the information you need from new members classes to upcoming events. If you have a passion for a certain ministry these are the people you want to get connected to.